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Voracious Vegetarian Editor


Mala Machado

Owner of VoraciousVegetarian

I’m Mala Machado

an ovo-lacto vegetarian married to a very lovable but “picky” omnivore. I want to share my vegetarian world with you. On this website, you can find healthy and not-so-healthy recipes as well as vegetarian-friendly restaurant reviews.

How I became a vegetarian

I’ve been a vegetarian since around the first grade and that was a family decision. I remember thinking that ahimsa (the practice of non-violence) sounded pretty cool when my parents sat my brother and I down to explain it. My brother and I embarked on that adventure with them, and while they’ve always given us the option to “quit”, we’ve never looked back.

Cooking Life

Growing up, my mother cooked dinner every night and the smells that drifted in from the kitchen tantalized my nose and appetite. I didn’t have much of an interest in learning how she made such delicious food, I just loved eating it 😉 Through the years, I learned how to be a healthy vegetarian. (Believe it or not, just converting to vegetarianism doesn’t guarantee a healthier lifestyle ie A diet of pasta and cheese is not healthy.) Thankfully, the Indian diet is so well-rounded and well suited for the vegetarian, so nutrition was never lacking in our home. Not much has changed since I was a child. Mom still makes great food. I still love to eat, but now I love to cook too. It seems obvious – if you like to be adventurous with foods and flavors but have dietary restrictions AND you want to feed your beloved omnivores to satisfaction, you start experimenting in the kitchen. So that’s what I do. I experiment! Now with greater awareness of healthy eating and vegetarian foods in the U.S., there are so many cool, new, grocery options with which to concoct delicious feasts. Also, thankfully, eating out at restaurants has become more exciting. Turns out, there are even great vegetarian options in many of the most “carnivorous” of restaurants.

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