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November 28, 2016


Post by Mala Machado

I’m attempting to rate and review restaurants that I’ve visited for their vegetarian friendliness. Ratings are 1-5, with 5 being the highest rating and 1 being the worst.

I’ve rated on:

  • Vegetarian Friendliness: Breadth and variety of options
    • 1: Little to No Options on the Menu
    • 2: A limited selection of options. This translates to salads and some appetizers with perhaps a single entree. I’d visit here as the single vegetarian in an omnivorous group, but not if there were any other vegetarians in the group.
    • 3: Some options but amenable to substitutions.
    • 4: Lots of options straight off the menu or with minor changes.
    • 5: Completely or almost completely vegetarian menu.
    • If the menu itself is a very small menu but has gone out of it’s way to provide a vegetarian option or two, I will rate that as a 4 because the veg to total option ratio is high.
  • Quality of Food: For foodie in me, I also rate how good the food actually tastes. Just because there are many options, doesn’t mean it’s the best and just because there are only a few options, doesn’t mean that what they have isn’t amazing.
    • 1: Wouldn’t return or recommend to friends
    • 2: I’d go again if others were with me and they wanted to go. If I had a vote in the matter, I’d steer the group away.
    • 3: Decent food. No complaints. Generally not excited about going back.
    • 4: Really good or very unique. I am happy to recommend and return.
    • 5: Impressed. Unique. Everything I tasted tasted MAH-velous! Everything everyone else in my group had tasted MAH-velous.
  • Ambiance: Self explanatory.
    • 1: Fast-food-like atmosphere.
    • 2: Better than a fast-food environment but still has the fluorescent lighting or hard benches associated with quick dining or feels dingy and run down.
    • 3: Casual dining restaurant. Nothing that stands out
    • 4: Great ambiance. Would return with friends. May even eat here for the ambiance (if the food is mediocre).
    • 5: Fine dining experience.
  • Overall: Take the 3 scores and divide by 3.

If you have suggestions, please contact me.

Categorized by places and alphabet until I find a better platform:

Orlando, FL

Richmond, VA

Washington DC (and surrounding NoVa areas)

Orlando, FL


Richmond, VA

Fresca On Addison

Ipanema Cafe


Washington DC and Surrounding NoVA areas





More to come…this page will always be a work in progress…

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